Soap & Easy Pocket 

To be used at any momento and in any place, Soap & Easy Pocket is the only alternative to hygienize fasy, simply and effectively. To be carried at the car`s glove compartment, in the handbag or in any pocket. Who can use it?: The new concept of personal hygiene that makes the use of Soap & Easy Pocket  practically illimited. Its quality and practicity makes it ideal to be used both for your own hygiene and for children. Soap & Easy Pocket is used by women and men with no age distinction.
Among the most wide spread used we can find:
• Professional drivers who take them in their vehicles • Mothers who take their children to parks and playing rooms • After long journeys • For cyclists • Sport people • Office workers • For people who go camping • In areas of low water availability • In areas of low temperature.
• Easy to use and transport • Fast, simple and effective cleaning. • It only requires some drops of water • It does not irritate the skin, not even the most sensitive ones • It softens and sublty perfumes the skin • It is the most practical solution for cold zones • It is disposable  

Three simple steps

Especially designed for a complete, fast, simple and effective cleansing, it is an ideal product to be used at any place and time.


The wipe is moistened.


It is used for bathing as if it were a sponge.

Drying without rinsing

It dries out with no need to rinse.

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